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Item Description
5550.2006 Flexicam CNC router SN 05115114
  • Space-saving fixed table - moving gantry design for small machine footprint
  • Single structure welded, stress relieved and machined all-steel baseframe, gantry and gantry feet
  • Steel structures are reinforced with heavy ribs to resist flex and dampen vibrations
  • Each machine design is efficiently optimized and validated by using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to ensure quality, performance, and safety
  • Open machine bed for easy loading and unloading by forklift or overhead crane
  • High preload profiled linear bearings with cover strips and additional scapers on all axis
  • Brushless digital A/C servo drives and motors on all axis
  • Dual side drive and synchronised X-axis; no twist under load like applicable to a single center-mounted ballscrew or cantilevered design
  • Helical rack and pinion drive system on X and Y axis
  • High precision ballscrew on Z axis (anchored at both ends)
  • Low-backlash planetary gear boxes
  • Fully closed cable carriers prevent the cables from damage by chips and fine dust
  • High quality, shielded cables for energy chains are a guarantee of reliability
  • Z-axis clearance 200 mm, optional 280 mm or 400 mm
  • Z-axis travel 280 mm, optional 480 mm
  • Maximum axis speed 100 m/min (1,000 mm/s) depending on controller, motors and drives
  • Network connection via Ethernet (optional Wireless)
  • Remote Administration via Internet

5551.AutoMetrix CNC Advantage series Radium carpet cutting machine

5552.E-Z Cut carpet cutter SN ends in 593-1805

5553.2003 AireWorks dust collector model ZX-15-500 SN 51182

Aireworks FX Brochure.pdf

5554.Striebig panel saw SN 70865

Cut capacities: 10'2" W x 5'5" H; depth 2-3/8" (60mm)
Weight (approx.): 1100 lbs. (net), 1600 lbs. (gross)
Main Saw Blade: 250 mm dia., 30 mm bore with (2) 7 mm pin holes (42 mm circle)
Scoring Saw Blade: (option) 80 mm dia., 20 mm bore split-blade type w/shims
Electrical: 3 phase, 220V/20 Amp or 440V/10 Amp service *208V and 280V motors available
Dust collection: 1000 cfm, 100 (x2)mm connections (second connection at bottom right corner of frame is optional and hose is not provided.)

5555.Jet tablesaw

5556.Powermatic table saw

5557.Powermatic table saw

5558.Jet table saw with roller Kit

5559.Powermatic upcut saw

5560.8" bench grinder

5561.GHZ motors miter saw with bench

5562.DeWalt miter saw with bench

5563.DeWalt miter saw with bench

5564.Shop built lathe

5565.Shop built lathe

5566.Shop built lathe

5567.Lantech double platform pallet wrapping machine with partial pallet of wrap SN QM020325 

5568.Kaeser rotary compressor with dryer SN 1025

5569.DV Systems vertical compressor model TAPV505241M SN 81367

5570.Kaeser air dryer

5571.Powermatic sander grinder

5572.Porter Cable belt/disc sander with router table

5573.CHS overarm router CHS 555

5574.Jet overarm router

5575.Jet drill press model JDP-17MF

5576.Jet drill press model JDP-17MF

5577.Jet dust collector frame with Dust Dog filter

5578.Jet dust collector with Dust Dog filter and hose

5579.Jet dust collector with Dust Dog filter and hose

5580.Jet dust collector with Dust Dog filter and hose

5581.Jet dust collector frame and motor

5582.Jet dust collector with Dust Dog filter and hose

5583.Shop built dust collector

5584.Toyota 4000 lbs warehouse forklift, LPG, model 7FGCU25, 4 stage mast, side shift, 6180 hrs (Buyer agrees to leave the forklift onsite until the end of load out. Call Levi (602) 617-3186 for release time.)

5585.Jesco forklift dump bin

5586.Forklift model D-200-HD 6000 lbs dump bin

5587.Forklift model D-200-MD 4000 lbs dump bin

5588.Forklift model D-200-MD 4000 lbs dump bin

5589.Forklift model D-200-MD 4000 lbs dump bin

5590.Forklift model D-200-MD 4000 lbs dump bin

5591.Forklift model D-200-MD 4000 lbs dump bin

5592.Forklift model D-200-MD 4000 lbs dump bin with wheel kit

5593.Forklift 2 yard dump bin hopper

5594.Jesco model 211761 2 1/2 yard forklift dump bin hopper

5595.Uline H-1043 5500 lbs pallet jack

5596.Toyota pallet jack

5597.Hu-lift 5500 lbs pallet jack

5598.Pallet jack

5599.Hu-lift 5500 lbs pallet jack

5600.Hu-lift 5500 lbs pallet jack

5601.Hu-lift 5500 lbs pallet jack needs repair

5602.Uline H-1043 5500 lbs pallet jack

5603.Hu-lift 5500 lbs pallet jack

5604.Uline H-1043 5500 lbs pallet jack

5605.Hu-lift 5500 lbs pallet jack

5606.Railroad lumber cart

5607.Cart table

5608.Lumber to cart

5609.Lumber to cart

5610.Lumber to cart

5611.Lumber to cart

5612.Hydraulic lift table

5613.Trash cart

5614.Trash cart

5615.Trash cart

5616.Trash cart

5617.Trash cart

5618.Trash cart

5619.Trash cart

5620.6 wheel boat cart

5621.6 wheel boat cart

5622.6 wheel boat cart

5623.6 wheel boat cart

5624.6 wheel boat cart

5625.6 wheel boat cart

5626.6 wheel boat cart

5627.6 wheel boat cart

5628.6 wheel boat cart

5629.6 wheel boat cart

5630.6 wheel boat cart

5631.Pedestal fan

5632.Pedestal fan

5633.Pedestal fan

5634.Pedestal fan

5635.Pedestal fan

5636.Pedestal fan

5637.Pedestal fan

5638.Pedestal fan

5639.Pedestal fan

5640.Pedestal fan

5641.Pedestal fan

5642.Pedestal fan

5643.Pedestal fan

5644.Pedestal fan

5645.Pedestal fan

5646.Pedestal fan

5647.Pedestal fan

5648.Pedestal fan

5649.Pedestal fan

5650.Pedestal fan

5651.Pedestal fan

5652.Pedestal fan

5653.Pedestal fan

5654.Pedestal fan

5655.Pedestal fan

5656.Pedestal fan

5657.Cage fan

5658.Rolls of fabric material

5659.Fabric table

5660.Metal shelving with contents

5661.Tool rack with pneumatic drivers

5662.Husky 8' fiberglass step ladder

5663.(3) workbench tables

5664.(3) workbench tables

5665.Pallet of trash cans

5666.Pallet of trash cans

5667.Pallet of trash cans

5668.Jig tables

5669.Trash bins with cut material

5670.Misc parts, cardboard, paper pallet sheets, Wooden crates

5671.Tube inventory

5672.Cut parts

5673.Lumber inventory bunks, railroad cart

5674.Hand tool inventory, hoses and electric cords

5675.(6) workbench tables

5676.Chicken coop

5677.Chicken coop

5678.Chicken coop

5679.Chicken coop in a box

5680.Jig tables and cut parts

5681.Parts inventory

5682.Work bench table

5683.Propane bottle cabinet

5684.Finished product

5685.Finished product

5686.Finished product

5687.Finished product

5688.Carpet roll stands

5689.Carpet rolls

5690.(3) Carpet rolls NEW

5691.Carpet rolls

5692.Carpet rolls

5693.Carpet rolls

5694.(9) Carpet rolls NEW

5695.Forklift carpet roll pole (must leave onsite for load out of carpet)

5696.Cardboard box inventory

5697.Boxed finished product

5698.(11) Carpet rolls NEW

5699.Jig tables and pallet rack inventory

5700.Pallet racking

5701.Saw blade inventory

5702.Pair of hose reels

5703.Pair of hose reels

5704.Pair of hose reels

5705.Pair of hose reels

5706.Pair of hose reels

5707.Break area contents, refrigerators, folding tables, folding chairs, microwave ovens

5708.Finished product in office area, file cabinet

5709.Contents of office room desk, cabinets, chairs, computer desk

5710.Monitors, keyboards, mice

5711.Contents of office room desk, table, chairs, printer (does not include Sanyo TV)

5712.Sanyo TV

5713.Contents of office room modular furniture, printer, office chair

5714.Contents of break room refrigerator, microwave oven, table, chairs, cupboard and cabinet contents

5715.Contents of janitor closet

5716.Contents of store room

5717.Copystar copy machine

5718.Contents if office room table, chairs

5719.Contents of furniture and tools in 3 rooms


5721.Locking metal cage cabinet, wooden shelving unit, display rack

5722.Two wheel hand truck

5723.Aluminum dock plate

5724.Pair of aluminum ramps

5725.Pallet jack. 

5726.Lot of pneumatic staplers, nail guns and compressor parts